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With sadness and regret, we are closing the doors at Scotts, our last dinner service will be Saturday June 24th. I’d like to thank everyone that brought their hard work, talent and dedication to this wonderful collaboration. We are deeply grateful to the team that is seeing us to the finish, some that have been with Scotts’ family from the beginning.

I’m very proud of what we accomplished at Scotts on Alpine. We were recognized repeatedly by our peers and guests for providing an exceptional experience, unfortunately, we just couldn’t find that perfect alchemy that makes a restaurant financially viable.

And to our friends that believed in us, and supported us all the way through, our sincerest affection and gratitude goes to all of you as well. We will miss you (until the next time).

– Doug Scott

Scotts on Alpine - Our Food

Our Food

Like everything at Scotts, our food is a passionate expression of who we are.

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Scotts on Alpine Bar

Our Bar

If Scotts is the community, the bar is the town square.  Beautifully presented, inviting, the hub of our restaurant.

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Scotts on Alpine - A Family-Run Restaurant

Who We Are

“A crust that’s shared is finer food than banquet served in solitude.”

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