Douglas Scott

Douglas Scott

Our Proprieter, Doug Scott

“A crust that’s shared is finer food than banquet served in solitude”
                                                                                           – Anonymous 

This saying hangs in Doug’s kitchen at home, and he believes he has lived by this expression his whole life.

Doug grew up in his Mother’s kitchen in Santa Fe where it was the center of all family and home activity.  The youngest of five, there were always siblings and friends of siblings near by.  His parents often hosted guests while they were in town or passing through.  There was always something on the stove, or on the table.  Doug found his first restaurant job as a busboy at a Santa Fe eatery called The Three Cities of Spain.  Soon he was allowed to take orders becoming a fully capable server at age thirteen.  Other restaurant jobs followed through the years when eventually Doug open a small spot in Santa Barbara called the Zia Cafe.  Drawing on his Santa Fe roots, the Zia featured Northern New Mexican cuisine.  It quickly became known for fast, fresh vibrant food in a lively atmosphere.  Doug set new standards by being voted best new regional restaurant and anticipating the trend, became the first 100% smoke free restaurant in California.  After some years and ready for a change, he sold the restaurant which continued for another 14 years until the new owner’s retirement.

Doug’s professional path took a variety of turns but always returning to cuisine and food service.  Now a graduate of the Scottsdale Culinary School, jobs in Columbus, Ohio and founder, Executive Chef and chief of Operations of Boulder Creek Catering all led to a five year stint with Whole Foods Market.  Serving as both Chef and Team Leadership, Doug honed his skills in a whole new way.  Always and continuing to look for the right location to get back on his own, Doug found 1265 Alpine Avenue.  One of Doug’s first memories of the space is celebrating with a glass of champagne at the then named Market Grill after his daughter’s birth.  Now, nearly 21 years later, he, along with friends and family, are celebrating again with the opening of Scotts on Alpine.